Dr. SnyderI'm Bruce Snyder, an instructor in the Division of Biology at Kansas State University. I teach Principles of Biology (BIOL 198) and the zoology portion of Organismic Biology (BIOL 201). I also conduct research on the biology, ecology, and taxonomy of millipedes, earthworms, and isopods (roly-polys). Please explore this site to find more information about my teaching and research interests.

The unifying goal of my research is to improve conservation of ecosystems and their soil biodiversity. To achieve this goal, my research program is focused on learning about soil macroinvertebrates by asking fundamental questions about their diversity, distribution, biology, and ecology. I take an interdisciplinary approach to these questions by integrating population, community, ecosystem, and landscape ecology with aspects of physiology, morphology, taxonomy, and biogeography. The inherent linkages between these perspectives lead to a more complete understanding of detritivore ecology than is possible with one discipline alone.


I am broadly trained in the biological sciences. For more information, see the research page or my curriculum vitae.

Graduate students

As a member of the graduate faculty, I can sit on advisory committees and I am interested in doing so. Although I can serve as major advisor for Masters sudents, I do not have funding for graduate students at this time.

Contact information

My office is located at 136 Ackert Hall. I do not hold regular office hours, but please stop by to talk to me or make an appointment.