Text Box: Text Box: 	Dr. Abdelmoneam “Raef” Elsayed Raef
 Assistant Professor of Geophysics at Kansas State University-Department of Geology

108 Thompson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66502, USA

	Phone	: 785 532 2240
	Fax	: 785 532 5159
Text Box: Ph.D. 2001 	AGH-University of Science and Technology, Geophysics
M.Sc. 1994	Assiut University, Geology
Post-Grad Diploma, 1992  Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation, Exploration Geophysics
B.Sc. 1987	Assiut University, Geology
Text Box: Research Interests

3D and 4D seismic reflection data processing and interpretation for reservoir characterization and time lapse (4D) monitoring of Carbon Dioxide, CO2, for sequestration and/or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and reservoir characterization purposes.
Multi-variate seismic attributes analysis, Factor Analysis, Neural Networks, and multi-resolution analysis
Integration of various geo-data for optimized reservoir management , risk analysis, and validated seismic interpretation
Time-frequency analysis in the wavelet transform domain for signal de-noising and multi-resolution analysis.
Recently, I am interested in high-resolution near-surface seismic reflection and GPR applications to 3D geological mapping, hydrogeological characterization, and/or environmental/contaminants mapping.
Text Box: Teaching
	Fall: 		Geol 743:  (Intr. to Geophysics)							Geol 832: Seismic data processing						Geol 743-ZA F10 Intr. to Geophysics (Online)
	Spring:	Geol 642: Field Geophysics								Geol 834:  Seismic data interpretation
Summer:  Geol 790: Intr. to Forensic Geoscience (online)
Text Box: Membership and Professional Affiliations
	Active member of Society of Exploration Geophysicists, SEG.
	Member of American Geophysical Union, AGU.
	Member of  European Association of Geoscientists and 	Engineers, EAGE

With introduction to geophysics class , Fall of  2008

Part of a land seismic section from a 4D seismic reflection data that was processed by me for CO2-EOR project in central Kansas, USA