Research Interests:

Imperiled fish conservation


Fish life history and reproductive ecology


Historical variation in stream fish assemblages


Spatial ecology in dendritic stream networks


Conservation Philosophy:

Dr. Frank Cross once asked “How will the unprecedented loss of species of fishes from the Midwest during the last 40 years affect the lives of Kansans? Will Kansans respond to the loss of water on the high plains and the depletion of subsurface aquifers before their lives are changed immeasurably for the worse? How can scientists and other interested people determine solutions?” The basis of my research relates to determining causal factors for fish species declines in and outside of the Great Plains, with the ultimate goal of developing solutions for water and species loss.


Plains Minnow

(Hybognathus placitus)


Prairie Chub

(Macrhybopsis australis)


Silver Chub

(Macrhybopsis storeriana)


Burrhead Chub

(Macrhybopsis marconsis)


Chub Shiner

(Notropis potteri)


Ironcolor Shiner

(Notropis chalybaeus)


Creek Chub

(Semotilus atromaculatus)


Guadalupe Bass

(Micropterus treculii)



Joshuah S. Perkin, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Division of Biology

Kansas State University

116 Ackert Hall

Manhattan, Kansas 66506


Phone: 785-532-6616




Kansas State University – December 2012

Doctor of Philosophy, Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Major Advisor: Dr. Keith B. Gido

Dissertation Title: Fragmentation in stream networks: quantification, consequences, and implications to decline of native fish fauna.


Texas State University-San Marcos – May 2009

Master of Science, Aquatic Resources

Thesis Title: Historical composition and long-term trends of fish assemblages in two Texas rivers and movement and microhabitat associations of Guadalupe bass in the Pedernales and South Llano rivers.


Texas State University-San Marcos – August 2006

Bachelor of Science, Aquatic Biology

Undergraduate Research Title: Status, native distribution, and life history aspects of the chub shiner Notropis potteri.






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Current Research Projects:


Mapping and Predicting Groundwater-Mediated Hydrologic Connectivity for Great Plains Prairie Rivers and Streams

Conservation Priorities for Great Plains Fish Communities Based on Riverscape Connectivity and Genetic Integrity of Populations

Historical Changes in Fish Assemblage Composition Following Water Quality Improvement in the Mainstem Trinity River of Texas